Besides the leading technologies that have been applied in cosmetic research such as: Nanocapsule, Nano gold, Nano silver, … it is impossible not to mention a new technology that is extremely effective today. It is considered a breakthrough in the field of medicine and cosmetics. That is Liposome technology.

Liposomes are nanoscale spherical molecules with cores of active nutrients, surrounded by one or more layers of double phospholipids. Liposomes are considered to be the ideal “carrier” with the ability to store, protect, transport and release the active ingredients into desired positions in the body precisely.

For liposome-based cosmetics, nano-sized particles easily penetrate the skin thanks to the phospholipid (Lecethin) conductor, combined with the water penetration into the skin structure. all the way to the dermis, looking for damaged cells to release the active substance, helping to supply the concentration of active ingredients evenly in the desired location. Since then brings the skin care effect unsurpassed and most secure for the skin.

Liposome technology is used in skincare cosmetics, anti-aging cosmetics to help bring nutrients quickly and safely into the skin and to each damaged cell. Liposome technology is a breakthrough in the cosmetics industry. This technology has brought remarkable efficiency, optimal safety towards perfect beauty for women around the world. It opens up a new chapter in the cosmetics industry perfectly suited to the development motto:

“Natural beauty is safe and effective.”